About Kays Angel Scents

Kays Angel Scents came about after I decided to start up a small business in memory of my sister Kayleigh, who passed away very suddenly and unexpected at the young age of 30 to a Cardiac Arrest on 23rd August 2019. She left behind a young daughter, my niece, only 8 years old at the time. This venture i will use to give her the life that her mother, my sister can no longer give her.
Her passing has given me the drive to want to better myself. I, myself have suffered many years of anxiety and although this isn't the main reason for taking this leap it has taught me that life is too short and to follow your dreams sooner rather than later.
Why am i doing this i ask myself. Well its quite simple really. Be all you can be. Make life the best you can. You never know what waits for you around the corner. So I did....
On the 1st September, Kays Angel Scents became official! I made all the necessary applications and got myself CLP compliant and insured. Got to do this properly havent we.
I have also just started branching out into personalised products as well. Go big or go home aye!
Well welcome to my website Kays Angel Scents and thank you for your future custom.